Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 63-Late Harvest Riesling by the Village Vintner Winey for $16.99

We have tasted this wine before and liked it, however we did not feel like spending the $16.99 so we waited to buy it until the winery offered a 20% discount. This wine is slighty thicker than your average wine and Troy thought it was almost Muscatish. I don't know if that is even a word, but if you have had a muscat you would know that this wine is a little more on the syrup side. This is one our favorite wineries since when you are a member of the wine club they give additional dollars off for bringing in the corks, and allow you to taste for free if you buy a bottle. All their grapes are imported. The vintner describes this wine as displaying much of the complexity of an Ice Wine, but with less sweetness. Notes of honey, apple and apricot dominated the aroma and the taste, right throught the long, rich finish. I agree of classifying this wine as a white dessert wine, and find this wine to be heavier and not so much of a summer wine. This wine is too pricey to bring to a party and does not necessarily appeal to many tastes. If you like a late harvest wine, generally you would like this wine.

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