Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 67-American Petite Syrah Late Harvest 2004 by Lynfred Winery for $25.00

This wine does not fall into the under $25 dollar category, however it is close and it is one of my favorites. This wine has a touch of sweetness with the flavor of raisin and plum. I like a Petite Syrah in general, however the late harvest gives it the touch of sweetness I crave without going overboard. This wine is very dark and has some legs on it. This is a great romance wine which would pair perfectly with dark chocolate and all types of fruit and cheese. This wine is a great drinking wine that does not require food and is very fruit forward. This wine is expensive and I believe it to be a special occasion wine due to the price and the simple elegance of the wine. This wine is not a favorite of my better half and when we did the blind tasting, I knew what it was right away and he had no clue. This wine is very distinct an after dinner glass would be the perfect end to any meal. I think it is the perfect end to any evening and am very sad the bottle is coming to an end.

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