Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 60-Saracco 2008 Moscato D'Asti for $11 at Binny's

This is Troy's favorite wine. We actually met Paulo Saracco and had him sign 2 bottles of Saracco which have put away. Saracco was the first Moscato D'Asti that we ever tried, and Troy has really never wanted to drink a different wine ever since. This wine is sweet, lots of fruit flavors, with a sparkle to it. I find it just a little too sweet to me. However, we have introduced troy's family to this wine, my friends to this wine-both who drink and who don't drink wine, and everyone loves this wine. My sister thinks it tastes like juice and at only 6% alcohol you are going to need to drink a lot to get a buzz, but it is refreshing and could be mixed with some type of fruity liquer to give it more kick and to increase the alcohol content. Again, sipping this wine out by a pool sounds like a lovely idea. The wine is pale yellow-pink, that leaves you longing for summer time.

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