Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 54-First Blush 2007 Catawba wine by Illinois River Winery

This wine was bought without trying since the plumbing was out at the Illinois River Winery on the weekend we got engaged at August Hill. The reason I got this wine is the very cute packaging and the owner's word that it was semi-sweet. This wine was supposedly voted the "Best Blush wine in America" by the National Women's wine competition. This wine is a very similar color to the Desert Rose a pale pink with orange. This wine is a semi dry wine and if this wine only smells faintly of Catawba, but does not have that sweetness that one expects with a Catawba wine. Again, this is wine best served chilled as a just a fun wine, this wine would probably go best spicy food however, again bring water, for this wine is pretty acidic/tart and is making me thirsty as I taste it again today. The wine is ok, I would bring it to the summer parties, but I would not buy it again.

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