Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 65 Red Sangria by Fox Valley Winery for $10.99

This wine came in the wine club selection for the month of March 2009. We don't buy Sangria generally because my better half does not like sangria. This wine was part of the blind wine taste test this last Friday and each of us had no idea what kind of wine this was and then were totally surprised to find this was a sangria. The vintner states right on the bottle that this is grape wine with natural flavors added, is made by mixing red wine, lemon, lime, orange and other fruit extracts with a small amount of sugar. I have never tasted a sangria like this one, I taste cinnamon and clove, cherry and apple. I simply thought this wine was a blend with an overwhelming cherry taste. My better half, who does not even like sangria thought this wine was the best of the three wines we tasted, and I who likes samgria, didn't really like this wine at all. I find this wine very tart and it makes me thirsty. I find this wine to be almost like a Glogg where it could be heated and then be a winter drink. Typically, I think of sangria as fruity and light and found this wine to be slightly heavy with a lot of spices and very strong cherry taste. I find this wine too odd to bring to a party and would not have bought this wine.

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