Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 59-Bartenura Moscato 2007-$12 at Binnys

This wine spurred a huge argument on whether this wine was a Moscato D'Asti or just a Moscato. The wine is made in Italy, however the it is shipped from Milan which we were unsure if was in the Asti region. This wine is listed on the bottle as a white wine, and is considered a kosher wine. I have determined this is simply a moscato and not a moscato di asti which to much of us is just semantics. This wine does not have the bubbles of a D'Asti and the vintner describes the wine as having the finest moscato grapes selected to create a light, slightly effervescent wine, with fresh peachy highlights. They recommend this wine as an apertif, with cheeses, and light desserts. I can find this wine everywhere, it is at Binny's, Jewel, and Wal-Mart. It is very sweet and a great beginner wine for someone who generally does not like wine. Again, this wine is best chilled and at only 5% alcohol a great wine for sipping at the pool all day with out putting you out of commision for the evening and breaking the bank. This wine is a little to sweet for me to drink more than one to two glass.

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