Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 62-Aquinas Napa Valley 2005 Cabernet SauvignonI for $9 at Jewel on clearance

I bought this wine at Jewel because of the price and the cool label. Not very good reasons for choosing a wine, but this wine was opened on Easter also, and was found to be a very mellow cab. The label on the back of the bottle states that the wine is named for St Thomas Aquinas a revolutionary scholar in the 13th century who used the laws of science to support his belief in the existence in the Almighty. A serious wine with medium tannins and excellent depth. Its rich, spicy palate is lightly seasoned with French Oak, followed by a long, supple finish. Honestly, what I liked about this wine was that it was not that serious for a cab, it's slightly dry with a short finish. I don't taste the spice, but the tannins are there giving a full mouth full of flavor. I wish it had more fruit on the nose and in the first taste and with more air on it you do get some of the spice, but not muhc fruit. I think this is good dinner party wine that you could bring that would not offend anyone and would not break the bank. I would bring this to summer barbeque for the red only drinkers since I don't find it so heavy.

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