Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 64-White Zinfandel by the Village Vintner Winery for $12.99

I bought this wine at the Easter Tasting at their winery where all their wines were up for tasting with all their cheeses. This wine smells of pure strawberry and tastes predominantly like strawberry with some slight acidity. I found this wine to be less dry when I originally tried it. I found that when I taste numerous wines in a row in a rather quicker pace I find most wines sweeter than they actually are, and again this is how I would say I wound up buying this wine. This wine needs to be served chilled and is very crisp and tastes very similar to many white zinfandel's that I have tasted in the past. A lot of people find this to be a great summer wine and will take it to parties. I think this wine is too dry to drink a lot of on a summer's day. I would much prefer a wine with less acidity and tartness on a warm day. The vintner describes the wine as a "favorite wine that is refreshing with flavors raspberry and strawberry, an excellent sipping wine that also matches well with salads and Mediteranean foods. This is no wimpy zinfandel, no doubt it will be the finest White Zinfandel you have ever tasted and will become your favorite." I will never like White Zinfandel enough to consider it a a favorite of any kind.

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