Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 176-2008 Dulcis Moscato d'Asti Sansilvestro Cantine for $12.50 at Vintages in Arlington Heights

This is my better half's favorite type of wine. He has never found a Moscato d'Asti he did not like. We popped this wine at dinner on Saturday with our friends who are non-drinkers who will drink a glass or two of this wine since they feel it tastes like juice. This wine is a very good Moscato d'Asti very light with fruit and flower aromas, not overly sweet, a total crowd pleaser. I would bring this wine anywhere and it would be gone. I like Moscato d'Asti's however I find that some are too sweet for my taste, this one however is light enough that it tastes more like a off-dry bubbly.

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