Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 174-"Ass Kisser" from the stable of Rockland Estate for $11.69 at

This wine was recommended by the Robert of Vintages as fruit forward wine that is not too tannic that I would enjoy with or without food. The wine is 59% Shiraz and 41% Grenache South Austrailian Red Wine. I found the wine to be fruit forward, but with a dry semi-tannic finish on its own. However, when I paired the wine with a spicy pasta dish, fantastic, and was accused of hoarding the bottle. I think this is more a versatile food wine. I think this wine is simple and woud go with your pasta, pizza, even chicken dishes. My better half liked this wine also, and paired it with olive oil based pasta and found the wine to be a good match for his meal also. Side note-the owner Robert of Vintages is just the nicest guy and is the most helpful wine shop owner next to Mark of Winestyles in Des Plaines in finding the bottle of wine that you would truly enjoy not what is considered very good wine or really expensive wine.

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