Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 172-Black Raspberry Framboise for $15.50 by Galena Wine Cellars in Geneva and Galena Illinois

This wine is infused with brandy spirits to bring it up to 16% alcohol. This wine is definitely a dessert style wine, it is a half bottle /375ml, and totally delicious. This wine is sweet without being cloying and smells like raspberry and tastes like liquid raspberry. This wine is perfect with dark chocolate and on its own. This Black Raspberry Framboise may be my favorite fruit dessert wine. I have tried Framboise before, and I don't think I have found one I don't like, but this one made from black raspberries is really something special. Finding a wine in general made out of black raspberries is next to impossible, but one made in dessert style with brandy spirits to make the wine as smooth as silk is just pure enjoyment. I might even join the case club at the Galena Cellars in Geneva due to the last few wines I have bought from the winery.

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