Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 167-2008 Dewn Ca' del Solo Grenache Blanc for just a touch under $20 for wine club members

I received this wine as part of the Bonny Doon wine club. We joined the Bonny Doon wine club because they offered a case of sweet wine for $5 per bottle the Angel Paille which I have previously blogged on. I have tried Grenache in the past, generally as a red and it is extremely dry. So when I received a Nebbiolo and a Grenache Blanc for our first shipment in the wine club, I was thinking we will have to cancel our membership if all the wines are going to be bone dry. I was horribly wrong about this wine. It is a great white wine, it is more off dry than dry, and is very smooth. I drank this on its own and was totally surprised it is fruit forward and a smooth almost buttery finish. This wine is not acidic, tart, or mouth drying. I hope this is how all their wines are, very fruity without the acidic/heartburn inducing wines that you find with certain grapes. This wine is made very well, and it is not cheap, but this winery has great sales on wine, so overall I am very glad we joined the Bonny Doon wine club.

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