Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 168-Mango wine for $10 at Lynfred winery

We are in the fruit wine club at Lynfred so we get 1 bottle a month of our choice of fruit wine for $10. The mango wine was just released this month so we thought we would try it. We had tried a mango wine in amana, iowa previously and it was really sweet so Troy was very excited about this wine. He liked the wine, it is sweet, not overly so, and he thought is was good, tasted of mango and drank the majority of the bottle. I, on the other hand, was disappointed. All of Lynfred's wine is made of 100% fruit so the fruit is very strong, the peach tastes like you are eating a peach, raspberry like you are eating a raspberry, and with the mango I just felt like it kind of tasted like peach and did not have a strong flavor of any fruit. I thought the wine was off-dry and not especially fruity and tastes more like a white wine versus a fruit wine.

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