Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 169-Chenin Blanc 2008 by Lynfred Winey for $18.00

This wine smells wonderful, peaches and tropical, and tastes very off dry and acidic. I had to drink this one pretty much on my own, because my better half said the wine was causing heartburn. This wine is too acidic for me, and I tried it with teriyaki pork and it was a no go. Generally, Chenin Blanc makes an off dry wine, however, this wine is too dry. I found this wine too similar to a Sauvignon Blanc, which I don't really care for either. In addition, Lynfred released their Port wine and did not put it in a wine club so the price for the first month was around $20. The wine was released as a half bottle for $35. Ridiculous! The reason we joined the white wine club again was due to the cabernet blush and the opportunity to get wines like that for the cheap price for the first month. This year there have only been 2 months with a non-dry white wine-the ice wine and then the sparkling rose'. We are going to think about dropping out of the white wine club and only being members of the fruit wine club.

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