Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 164-Ferrer Malbec 2008-$20.00 at Binnys

This wine was at the Malbec tasting at Binnys a couple of Fridays ago. Every Friday, the Binnys by our house now has a tasting of some group of 5 wines. This Malbec is the best I have ever had. My better half thinks it is only good with food, but I thought this wine was very fruit forward without any bitter aftertaste, and very light tannins. I found the wine to be almost grapey, and it is very dark very purple, leaving my teeth stained a nice shade. I normally do not spend this much on a bottle of wine, but in this case, I thought it was well worth it. This wine for food pairing I would go with turkey, chicken, I think this is a great Thanksgiving Day wine. I will keep track of this Argentinian Malbec, I bought the last one at Binnys, but it is a definite crowd pleaser. I think this maybe one of my favorite red wines of all time.

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