Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 131-Borsao 2008-$8.99 at Pop the Corks in Lake Geneva, WI

This is the second of two bottles of wine I bought at this wine shop in Lake Geneva. This wine is fruit forward, but not sweet by any measure. This wine is 75% Garnacha and 25% Tempranillo, made in Spain, and is definitely a food wine. It has the strong pepper taste on the finish, and is described by the vintner as a full bodied wine and finely textured wine and as a complement to most foods. This is a great gift for a person that you know likes Shiraz/Syrah/Cabernet wines. It is so reasonable, as most wines from Spain are, and most red drinkers will find this to be right up their alley. I would bring this to a dinner party and find it cheap enough to bring to barbecue for more than 1 bottle, but at 14% alcohol it is a bit much to be drinking all afternoon.

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