Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 120-Bartenura Freisa D'Asti $11.99 at Binnys

We really like the Bartenura Moscato so we decided to try another one of there wine s from the Asti region. This wine is a dark red with a slight fizz. This wine is a semi-sweet wine with a bit of a dry aftertaste. Originally, I thought this wine tasted like vinegar, verified by my mother who does not drink that it smells like vinegar, however upon further tasting, I verified that it is not vinegar that she is smelling, it is just the wine smell that she thinks is a vinegar smell. I don't know I might just be going crazy. I will have Troy both this wine and another wine that I think has gone to vinegar before I try returning the wines. Based on the fact, I can't tell if this wine tastes like vinegar, and Troy thinks that since we have not had this wine before, that maybe it is just this wine-I have no idea it is only a 2007 and we bought it 2 wks ago at Binnys.

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