Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 114-2001 Kracher Scheurebe Welsh Riesling Trokenbeeren Auslese #8 out of Austria for $20 at Binnys

We made a Binnys run on 6/30/09 the last day of the sale to pick up a few more "stickies." Troy's parents were coming in town and they love sweet wines, so we brought them this bottle to try. This wine has some legs and is deep gold color. The wine tastes of raisins, apricot, and honey. It is very rich and full bodied, but it doesn't hurt my teeth like some other sweet wines. I can tell this is your $50 half bottle of wine versus your $20 Icewine. This wine has a long finish, and is the perfect dessert. Troy's parents really liked this wine and we finished off the half bottle in no time. I took a few sips and it is delicious, but anything more than that is just a little much for me. This wine is for special occasions, and since we don't see his parents very much, it was a special occasion.

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