Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 125-Framboise by Lynfred Winery for $35

This wine is well over the $20 mark, however this is a full bottle not a half bottle which is typical of Framboise. This wine is pure raspberry with something added to give it the alcholoic kick and bring it up to 18% or 16% alcohol. The best way for me to describe it is a raspberry port, and after dinner drink or nightcap, excellent with chocolate. The wine is strong, my better half thought it would do well sprtized with some seltzer water, and I think it is fine on its own. It is simply a bottle of wine that will take a while to finish. Since you really would not drink this wine by the 7oz, closer to 3oz with chocolate. We actually like the raspberry wine by Lynfred better than the Framboise since it is lighter and does not have that extra infused alcohol that makes this such a heavy wine. Again, even if this came in the half bottle I would generally only bring it to friend's homes that I know like port, because if you don't like port and you do like raspberries you still my find this wine a little overwhelming.

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