Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 124-Edmeades 2003 Mendoncino Ridge Late Harvest Zinfandel $16.99 at Vintages and $14.99 at Binnys

We actually had 2 bottles of this wine on New Years Eve in 2009. We love late harvest wines and this one was no disappointment. It is only 375ml or a half bottle which makes it a $30 bottle of wine which is why we do not drink it very often. This wine tastes like coffee and raisins and is very similar to the Late Harvest Petite Syrah which I also find so tasty. This wine is a romantic wine and could pair which chocolate and with cheesecake. We drank this wine with dinner with various dishes, I can't remember now, but it wasn't about pairing, the wine was delicious. I have a hard time distinquishing Petite Syrah from Zinfandel especially in late harvest, but I find nothing wrong with this wine. I am drinking it with pizza this evening. Side note: I broke the cork into the bottle and my better half had to strain it through paper towel so we could have this bottle of wine this evening-that's love.

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