Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 129-Kracher 2002 #2 Chardonnay Trockenbeeren Auslese $20 at Binnys on sale from $50

This wine and a few other "stickies"/dessert wines were on a fire sale for $20 at Binny's for the month of June. This wine is delicious, very sweet without being cloying. This is a noble rot wine, made in the method of Sauternes with a grape we would have never guessed, Chardonnay. This wine tastes of honey, apricot, peaches. This wine was opened up tonight because Troy was having a bad day, and nothing improves a person's day like a dessert wine. The wine is so fragrant with balanced acidity and sweetness that allows a person to have more than one glass. This wine is 10.5% alcohol and could pair with any number of fruit desserts that you would find during the summer season. This wine is too good, too pricey, and too rare to be shared, give it as a gift and you will make a friend for life.

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