Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 117-Frangelico-I cant remember the vintner out of Italy at Binny's for $11.99 or under

This wine is a red sparkling wine from Italy. It did not say on the bottle what region it was from in Italy, we were thinking the Asti region, but we don't know. This wine smells like grape kool-aid powder and tastes very similar to a sparkling grape/strawberry/raspberry kool-aid. Troy obviously loved this wine and finished it off himself pretty much. This sparkling wine is pretty purple with little bubbles, this wine's bubbles are subtle, not like a champagne where they move are constantly in motion. I would bring this wine to a party since it is low in alcohol at 7.5% and is very reasonable priced. Even the people that don't like wine will like this sparkler because if you did not know better you would think that someone added some seltzer water to the grape juice.

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