Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 128-2005 Old Vines Zinfandel by Lynfred Winery for $20 with discount

I bought this wine in a mad dash in May because this wine was in low stock which meant by the end of May this wine would be gone. This wine is not just Zinfandel, but also contains 2-3% port which mellows out this wine and makes it so smooth. I bought 2 bottles of this wine and really don't want to drink it because when the wine is gone, it really is gone and won't be replaced. This may be my favorite Zinfandel next to a late harvest Zinfandel. Troy is not completely impressed with the wine on its own, however he had a glass of ice wine before he started the Zinfandel and I am sure that the wine did not seem the same with that wine as a precursor. This wine is a special occasion wine for me due to the price and the fact it will no longer be produced. True Zinfandel fans may not like this wine due to the addition of the port, however, I think it makes it a different type of Zinfandel.

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