Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 115- Everyday Red by Gluntz Winery of Illinois for $8.99

This wine is a blend of California grapes for a red table wine. This house everday red wine is good, not dry, somewhat fruit forward, goes with most food. I drank this wine by myself over the 4th of July weekend at Lake Geneva. This wine was ok, nothing bad and nothing good. This wine my guess is not of great quality and I would not buy it again, because it was just ok. It is a great value, though and would be good chilled at a summer barbeque where people are looking to drink to drink versus to drink for the taste of the wine. I am always looking for a good house red wine and this wine is just not as distinct and made as well as the Fred's Red which I thought was much better and only a dollar more.

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