Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 8- EOS Tears of Dew Late Harvest Moscato in Estate Bottled in Paso Robles

This wine is extremely sweet. Wine flavored honey would be the way I would describe this wine. I tried this wine at a Wine Festival in Grant Park in Chicago in September 2008. The presenters described the wine as an ice wine, however it only resembles the Ice Wine in the amount of brix and sugar content with it being around 17.65 brix. The wine tastes of a thicker, sweeter moscato with flavors of orange and pineapple. I find this type of wine to be too sweet for me, and it feels like it leaves a film on my teeth it is so syrupy. The wine comes in a half bottle of 375ml which is another indication that this wine can only be drank in small doses. To a certain extent, this wine is like the white counterpart to port. This wine does not pair with dessert, in my opinion, because the wine piles sweetness upon sweetness and would be best served as replacing dessert.
Getting back to the Windy City Wine Festival that I tried this wine at, I just want to report that this wine festival was a great time. There are over 100 wines to taste for all palates and most price ranges, I don't think many of the wines tasted are over $40. It is a good chance to see some new wines, try some new wines, and get a discount on ordering some wine from Binny's. I had to come home early form the wine event because my better half was struggling with the baby and I was still able to try over 40 wines. Also, ordering the wine from your nearby Binny's was no problem I did it over the phone on the following day.

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  1. Yes, the baby was a bit out of hand that day, but I only "requested" she come home! Between you and me, 40 wines was plenty to get her loaded! Anyway, to the subject at hand, since I like my wines sweeter, I liked this one. It is indeed about as sweet as you wanna get, (ok, almost sickeningly sweet, but thats fine by me). I don't think this is like an ice wine at all. Like my lady said, the sugar is probably similar but it does have that "muscato" taste to it. I LIKE IT!