Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 4-Sweet William-August Hill Winery around $15.00

You may ask why this is my second review of an August Hill wine and the answer is simple, I am in their sweet wine club which gives me 2 bottles of their sweet wines every other month. And I really like their wines. Sweet William is a very sweet wine, august hill describes the wine as a white table wine , however I do not find this wine goes very well with food. The wine is a pure gold color and tastes thicker than your average wine. If you don't like sweet wines, this wine is unappealing, If you like sweet wines then this is a good choice for wine, however I found after my third glass, if you never go this far don't worry that it gets a little heavy. It is a blend of various grapes and has a very honeyed taste with aromas and flavors of peach and a lot of pineapple. This wien was drank while cheered on Arizona over Philadelphia in the NFC championship game, if your have no idea what I am talking about , you are obviosly not following football and don't worry about, the Bears are not playing, I like this wine, however, it is very sweet, August Hill states that it is their most popular sweet wine, generally 1 or 2 glasses is enough, it is not the type of wine your could drink all night. Well, on to the AFC Championship game! Go Steelers!


  1. rachel, you were obvs drunk while writing this.

  2. It's me, the better half again. I like this wine a lot. I would have to disagree with my lovely lady about only drinking one or two glasses. When I find a wine I like, it may be gone quicker than a Steelers TOUCHDOWN!!!