Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 11-Strawberry of the Montelle Winery in Augusta, MO priced at around $10

I am a social worker for a managed care company where I am connected to a computer all day, therefore when I am not answering calls I am able to surf the web a significant amount. I bought about 7 bottles of wine direct from this winery in Missouri because the offered a significant amount of money off if you bought 6 or more bottles and their wines had won awards, so I said why not. My personality is to try new things all the time, which is why I am very excited about trying 365 different sweet wines. So I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for new and interesting fruit and sweet wines.
Back to the Strawberry that Montelle reports is made from 100% strawberries and is not blended with other grapes. I have tried a strawberry that was blended with a white zinfadel from the Village Vintner that was very good, so I am not bashing on blending wines with fruit wines. Lynfred fruit wines and Cooperhawk wines are renowned for their 100% fruit and a certain # of pounds of fruit go into each bottle and most are very good also. The Strawberry from Montelle is also very good. It is the color of a White Zinfandel and smells of strawberry with out being overpoweringly sweet. The winery reccomends possibly spritzing this wine or serving it over ice and I don't think any of that is neccessary. It is a very light and crisp wine with that first taste of sweet strawberries with a tart finish. I was pleasantly surprised that this wine did not taste like liquid strawberry jam. I have tasted some wines that blended strawberry with two other fruits and needed to be spritzed because it was so heavy and thick. Some fruit wines you can pour over cheesecake, however this wine is not like this at all, basically this tastes like a strawberry wine not like a strawberry spread. This wine is definitely a summer wine with its clean, fresh taste and its light finish. If you like strawberries, but you don't like wine you may not like this wine, because this wine is not a liquid strawberry it is more of a strawberry flavored wine. This wine reminds me of strawberry picking in the summer, with my significant other getting strawberries all over his jeans and complaining that we would never fill our baskets and then after filling our baskets complaining we would never eat all those strawberries, which we did not.


  1. It wasn't heavy at all. I agree that it was very light and not an overwhelming strawberry blast! It had a very nice nose of strawberry and I think I liked it as well as any strawberry wine that I ever had. My significant other and I agree on this one, (we usually do agree). I know, hard to believe it, but we have a lot in common.

  2. Looks to me like this actually was day 12 wine not day 11.