Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 13- Trapolino of the August Hill Winery at $14.95

Obviously, I drink too much wine because I have 2 Day 11's and no Day 12. Please forgive me the Strawberry is Day 12 and hopefully I will be able to keep my days straight. I am not trying to say one wine blends into another, but keeping to the schedule of a sweet wine day is allowing me to separate my days individually so I can revisit the night before. Back to the Trapolino, described by the vintners as being a sweet red table wine. I agree this wine makes a great table wine, however I did not find this wine to be particularly sweet and not particularly dry. The wine seemed to be a blend, and was very tasty. The wine has a lot of body with a strong fruit aroma of cherry, blackberry some oakiness, however my significant other will agree I am not very good on determining if something is aged in oak for any time because I think I miss label some like flavors for oakiness when it is something else. What that is, who knows? This wine was a good sipping wine and I drank a large glass while watching Srgt. Bilko on the on demand free movies. The wine is very smooth and has a great finish. This wine is a great wine to bring to a dinner and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. August Hill just doesn't make bad wines, you make not like the type of wine or the style, but the wine is always true to the grape and very elegant.

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  1. This one had a little more spice/peppery finish than I usually like, but overall it wasn't bad. Since I like sweet, smooth wines this one was one that I would probably prefer to pair with food. As I've noted before I'm more of a wine "by itself for dessert" kind of a guy. Yes, it did have some oakiness, but not a great deal. I think sweetwines sister might like this one better than us.