Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 7-Rosa Regale by Banfi 2007 found recently at the lowest price at Costco for $16.99 found previously at Vintages in Arlington Heights and Binny's

I love this wine. I have never a person who does not like this wine, even the dry wind drinkers like Rosa Regale. It is so good it comes in half as well as full bottles, and unless you shop around it is rather pricy. Rosa Regale is a bubbly red wine with the flavors of raspberry and rose petals. Every occasion calls for Rosa Regale, romance, friends night out, house warming, valentines gift, bad day at work, good day at work, you name it, drink Rosa Regale with it. I have tasted this wine at WineStyles and Vintages with both chocolate and without and I enjoy it more and more every time. Whenever this wine is opened, many people are opened up to the possibilty of a sparkling wine not being dry and being sweet with distinct fruit flavors that do not overwhelm. My sister tried this wine and thinks it was ok, she prefers a off-dry wine versus a sweet wine, however she did not share any of her rosa when I bought her a petite bottle. This wine has a low alcohol content of about 7% so you can drink the entire 750ml bottle and wake up without a hangover, however, the calorie count may be quite large, so find someone to share it with, my better half, would absolutely kill me if I drank the bottle of Rosa without him.

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