Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 5- Niagara around $13 at Fox Valley Winery located in Oswego, Illinois

You may be asking why I have so many wines from Illinois and the answer is because the wines in Illinois tend to be sweeter and more focused on fruit wines. In addition, a lot of Illinois wineries have sweet wine clubs and I am a member of the Fox Valley Winery sweet wine club which means I receive two bottles of sweet wines every other month for about $20 including shipping. The niagara wine from fox valley is one of the best niagara's around. Niagara is the grape and it is the grape used in making white grape juice, and so niagara tastes like white grape juice. Niagaras are almost always sweet, however, somtimes they overally sweet and thick feeling and too much. However, this niagara is delicious and can be chilled and sipped on through out the day without feeling that you need to brush your teeth or you have been eating candy all day. The wine is very gold in color, tends to be lower in etoh content around 10% and is generally labeled as a white table wine.
My significant other and I have made it a mission of ours to visit all the wineries in Illinois, we have visited around 15 of the wineries and there are over 40 wineries in the state. We are members of the sweet wine club at August Hill Winery, the Village Vintner, and Fox Valley Winery and the white wine club at Lynfred so a lot of wines that I will be posting will be from these wineries and that is why. I go tasting for different sweet wines outside of Illinois at Binny's, Vintages in Arlington Heights, WineStyles in Des Plaines, and other shops nearby that offer quality tastings.
Side note: The Steelers won! I wish I would have been up to see it!

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  1. Unlike my significant other, I was indeed up to see the Steelers victory. She was zonked out by the time the game hit halftime. Yes, the niagara was very good. I grew up on concord and niagara wines so am very familiar with them. This particular niagara was one of the better ones that I have had. It went down smooth and sweet.Go PITT!!!