Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 15-New Age White Wine under $10 dollars at WineStyles in DesPlaines

I tried this wine for the first time at WineStyles in Des Plaines and it was so popular it came back once or twice for a repeat. This is labeled a while wine from Argentina and has a very cool bottle with a picture of a lady on the inside of the bottle. This wine has some fizz to it however is not in the category of a sparkling wine or a champagne. This is just your slightly sweet, slightly fruity, crisp, slightly bubbly table wine. I am drinking it tonight with spicy pasta with a white sauce and it goes well. I stayed home with the peanut today, peanut is code for Tyler Graham, and waiting until 5 pm for a glass was a difficult endeavor. Peanut has run a fever for the last 2 days. My friends also enjoyed this wine when they joined us at Winestyles for an evening and bought a bottle themsleves. This was wine became so popular at Winestyles that it sold out continually. New Age White wine with a twist of lime was the hot drink of the summer of 2008 and there is no question why. It is sweet and refreshing and quenches your thirst versus some wines that make you more thirsty. A great barbecue wine, birthday party wine, and wine for novices. You can't be the price and it is wonderful wine.

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  1. I too enjoyed the New age white, (I'm surprised my better half didn't mention the new age red but I guess that is for a later blog). The peanut is holerin now so will keep it short and to the point: I like it here and like it there and would like it anywhere. I like new age white and red, I would like it in my bed. I like a new age white or two, I suggest it for your friends and you. Yes I like the new age wine, I would say it's pretty fine!
    (no I'm not hammered)!