Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 11 La Sera Red Malvasia at $16.99 at Vintages in Arlington Heights and Grand Cru

Red Malvasia is an Italian sweet red sparkling wine. This wine like the Rosa Regale is a sweet Italian red bubbly. This bubbly is a more intense fruity and sweet and less elegant than the Rosa. Don't get me wrong, I like this wine a lot, it is simply different than Rosa Regale. I find this wine to be a replacement for dessert. However, this wine is good by itself as simply a drinking wine, chilled, which is typical for most sweet wines. When I first opened the bottle I thought it had strange finish, but after airing the wine for a short period of time I did not notice the finish. I bought this wine for the first time at an Italian wine tasting with my sister, who felt it was of course, too sweet. I am partial to sweet red sparklings and think is one of the wines I will drink year after year as long as they continue to make a quality red sweet sparkling.
This is a great festive wine that can be used at any occasion for a ice breaker or for dessert and the alcohol content of 5.5% will keep you sober enough to conitinue to enjoy the party well after you have polished off the bottle.

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  1. This would be my second favorite malvasia after the Bartenura Malvasia. The La Serra is similar, but probably not quite as clean, (or sweet), as the Bartenura. I prefer my sweet wines alone rather than paired with a meal, (maybe dessert). This was pretty good drinkin' wine.