Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 2 of 365 days off sweet wines-Adesso 2007 Cagnina di Romagna

Day 2-Adesso 2007 Cagnina di Romagna-found for under $17 at WineStyles in Des Plaines

This is labeled as a sweet red wine and is described as jammy, silky smooth, sweet without being cloying. It is a wonderful wine, it is a very light red wine with sweet finish. It has the tastes and smells of raspberries and cherries and it is overall a very versatile wine. This wine is not just a dessert wine, unless you a serious dry wine drinker, however this wine is great for parties. I would say it is very similar to a sweet lambrusco without the bubbles. It has a lower alcohol content under 10% which allows you to have a couple of glasses without slipping completely under the table. If you haven't really drank wine this is a great wine to get you started in the wine drinking direction. It is very reasonably priced for an italian wine and you won't find an occasion that it does not suit, girls night in, romantic dinner, neighborhood party, family dinner, and/or holiday festivities. Whether warm or cold weather this wine slightly chilled fits the bill!

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  1. Hey there. I was more than happy to share in the tasting of this wine with my sweetwines better half, (until I knocked the bottle off the nightstand table). I kept the alcohol abuse to a minimum as there was only about a glass left in the bottle. This wine is smooth and although I prefer extremely sweet wines this one had enough of a sweet finish to it that I enjoyed it. FYI: Once I cleaned up the shards of glass I made sure to simply apologize and keep my yap shut. Yes, soroccoisbest. TTFN.