Sunday, January 18, 2009

3rd day-2007 Gewurtzmeiner of Lynfred Winery $20.00

I am in the Lynfred Winery White Wine of the Month Club. This is the white wine for the month of January. I was in this wine club previously and then dropped out because the white wines tend to be too dry for my tastes and since Lynfred does a tasting every month of 7 different wines every month I thought I was wasting my money on dry wine. However, in November Lynfred created a Cabernet Blush for $20.00 in the white wine club that was only available to club members, we asked to try it and were floored, the wine was awesome, and was only available to wine club members at that price for the month of November and after it jumped to $35.00, needless to say I joined the wine club again, and keep kicking my self for not buying a case versus just 2 bottles. Lynfred Winery on Roselle Rd in Roselle, Il is always happening we will go there for a tasting on a Tuesday and it will be packed, the otehr Lynfred Tasting Rooms in Wheaton and Naperville and now in Wheeling not so much. The Lynfred tastin Room in Roselle has a gift shop, cheeses, chocolates, jellies, and fresh bread. They give pretty good size tasters, however it is $7 for 7taster or $6 if you are in the wine club.
Back to the Gewurtz, this is one of the wines that caused me to drop out of Lynfred. It has a greatnose/smell and you think it is going to be sweet and fruity and its not, It is dry and very acidic. The best way for me to describe it as you swallow it feels like a slow burn not unlike heartburn. My better half hates wines like these, which is why this wine is going to take 2 days to finish. A lot of people will say this is a good wine for asian food, I tried the wine wih jalepeno poppers and it did not improve, and then with some chocolate shortbread cookies which was ok because the shortbred absorbed some of the burn. Overall this wine was a bust, however, I generally do not consider gewurtz a sweet wine and do not drink it generally.
Hopefully, the wine I am drinking while we, my better half, Peanut-my 14month old son Tyler, and Poopsie, my extremely barky, and most people think annoying dog, are cheering on the Steelers to victory!


  1. yes, I, (the better half), am the big steelers fan. I thought this wine was a good way to get some of that "Heartburn". Maybe it needs to age a bit before consumption! Go Pitt!!!

  2. Hello from Lynfred! Thanks so much for blogging about Lynfred wines (and for your fabulous patronage)!

    Yes, this month's release of the Gewurztraminer is much drier than most. Gewurztraminer is one of the four 'aromatic' varietals (Riesling, Gewurz, Muscat and Viognier) and the perfuminess might be the sensation you are mentioning.

    Be sure to come in this month and try the Late Harvest Riesling - I think you might really enjoy it! Feel free to ask for Christina next time you are here - I'll show you around! Cheers!