Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 213-2006 Evenus Zinfandel Port 375 ml at Trader Joe's for $9.99

I loved this wine and would probably buy it on a regular basis if it was not basically $20 per bottle since it is only a half bottle. This wine is totally smooth and reminds me of a late harvest zinfandel. The wine does have a very strong mocha flavor and a touch of sweetness. This wine has some nice legs to it and would pair excellent with dessert, however, I did not find that it needed to be paired with anything it was so good. I need to find a wine that tastes like this in a full bottle at about $15 dollars, because that would be my house red. I like a late harvest petite syrah, but honestly this wine gives it a run for its money. Hopefully, I will be able to find more wines similar to this in the future, a red wine with a touch of sweetness without the dry tannic afterbite that you find in a Cab or the peppery taste of a Syrah.


  1. I quoted you on this yummy dessert wine over on my own blog. Completely agree with all you said, though it'd be more of a house dessert wine for me if it were a bit cheaper rather than a house red, because sweet definitely equals dessert in my wine world.

  2. HELLOOOO.....it is a Port, not a table wine! Ports are infused with brandy so therefore, are going to cost much more than your typical red wine.