Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 204-Sweetheart Red by Lynfred Winery for $10.00

This wine was the first bottle of wine that I ever bought at Lynfred. I think this wine is 100% Concord, but I am not sure after drinking this bottle of Sweetheart Red. I know the first bottle of Sweetheart Red that I ever drank tasted a lot more like Welch's Grape Juice than this wine. This wine has just a touch of sweetness and then tastes slightly earthy with black licorice. The wine may be only as it in the 9,000's of the 10,000 bottles that were made of this wine. I just don't know, but it tastes more like a drier red blend than a concord wine. My better half still thought it was good even though I found the wine too strange to really judge since it did not match up with my expectations at all. I have bought this wine for a co-worker for his birthday who thought it was pretty good, so maybe I just got a weird bottle of wine.

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  1. Great comment. Your taste buds are very well trained. This wine is actually made out of Alicante Bouschet grapes from Fresno area in CA. It's has flavors of plums and blueberries and has a fuller mouthfeel. Our previous version was 100% Concord grapes from Michigan. I hope this information help you.
    Andres Basso.
    Lynfred Winery