Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 207-2006 Le Cigare Volant part of the Bonny Doon December Wine Club-about $25 a bottle

I am member of this wine club because their monthly deals are great, and they make great wines, whether you get something you would normally buy or not. This wine is a blend of 43.6% Syrab, 45.5% Grenache, 11.7% Cinsault, 1.1% Morvedre, and .1%Carginane. At first I could not taste the Syrah, while I was eating pizza, but on its own after aerating I could taste the black pepper that I associate with Syrah. My better half liked it despite it being a dry wine, and I found the wine to be very smooth a great wine for pizza and pasta and generally I do not like Syrah at all. Again, Bonny Doon makes great wines, I have never been disappointed and hope I can get enought Christmas money to pay $125 for my New Years present.

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