Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 200-Ridge 2002 California Zinfandel Late Picked Pagani Ranch for $20 at winebid.com

I am never allowing myself to bid on wine again. Ridge wines are generally touted as exceptional wines, however the wines I have gotten from winebid.com the late harvest and the late picked have been average at best. Part of the reason, I am assuming is because the wines are too old, not in the 5-7yrs they are suppose to be drank, but closer to 7-9 yrs. This wine seemed to be turning and had a very strong alcohol smell and flavor. I aerated the wine in order to tone the wine down, and it did not matter it was still bitter which you would think would not be the case after 7 yrs in the bottle. The fruit flavors are not strong enough to balance with the bitter alcohol taste, and I would say this bottle was something you would generally buy for $5 versus $20. I have learned my lesson and will not be bidding on winebid.com again.


  1. After reading many of your posts... I think there is a winery you need to check out in Iowa...

    Tassel Ridge Winery www.tasselridge.com

    In terms of Iowa, in my opinion they have the best wines!! Defintely worth a look! They also have a Chocolate Dessert Wine, yumm!!