Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 199- Peravino by Lynfred Winery for $20 for dessert and sparkling wine club mbrs or $35 to general public

The release of this wine without the discount spurred me to e-mail Lynfred about releasing wines without giving the club members a chance to purchase them at a discounted price for at least 1 month before they are released to the public. So, Lynfred now has a Sparking and Dessert wine club that we became members of so we can always get the dessert wines for a discounted price for at least 1 bottle for the month. We opened this wine for the first time yesterday, and it is pear on the nose and pure brandy on the finish. This wine is 18% alcohol and you can feel it on the way down. Again, this pear/port style is potent, and only has pear taste at the beginning and then the brandy infusion gets you on the finish. This wine is going to take a while to finish, but if you are a port person that likes pears I would think that you would like this wine, however, it is best drank in small doses.

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