Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 203-2008 Pacific Rim Organic Riesling for $10.50 at Costco

Costco carries the Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling which we liked, and so I bought the Organic Riesling hoping to also be satisfied with my purchase. This wine was drank right after the Chateau St Michelle Riesling, so this wine had a bit to live up to. This wine is gold in color versus the typical light yellow or green tinge to some Rieslings. This wine did not have the sweetness on the front that the other Riesling had, but was very smooth with very little acidity. I can never tell the difference between organic wines and non-organic wines, and over all I thought this wine was good, I just like the Chateau St Michelle better, and it was cheaper, so I would buy that one. However, I probably like the Sweet Riesling the best of the three, so if all the prices are comparable that would be the one to buy for us, maybe not for a party or to pair with food where people generally want a wine more for pairing or for drinking without much thought to the wine.

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  1. Thank you for the post. Just for information, the Pacific Rim made from organic grapes is about 4% Residual Sugar (though there is a lot of acid even though you did not taste it - 100% natural acid, nothing added). The regular St Michelle is 2% Residual sugar. Our Sweet Riesling is about 6.5% Residual sugar. Thank you for liking it the best!

    Winemaker at Pacific RIm