Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 196-Barros White Porto-under $15 at Vintages in Arlington Heights, Il

We bought this wine at a Spain/Portugal wine tasting at Vintages over the summer and thought this wine was sweet and a great bargain for a port. My better half thought this was a great wine also, sweet with only slight bite, and at 20% alcohol it had more than just a slight bite. We drankd this wine over two weeks, because it was so potent and it was a full 750ml bottle. I could only drink a small glass at a time, a couple of sips at at time due the high alcohol content. This wine made you warm in a quick hurry. My better half who likes port found this wine hard to drink very much of at one time, and finding foods, cheeses, desserts, chocolate to pair with the wine. Moral of this wine was that it tasted more like a straight shot of liquor than actual wine and we would not choose it again.

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