Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 202-Chateau St Michelle Riesling Vintage 2008 for $7.50 Costco

I am pretty sure I have bought this wine by the glass, but I have never bought this very well-known Riesling from Washington state by the bottle. At this price, I needed to determine if I liked this Riesling since they come out with new vintages yearly and have more than one type of Riesling. I was pleasantly surprised by this wine, it has great balance. The wine has a touch of sweetness and only minimal acidity. The wine has a great nose with lots of fruit flavors that come through on the palate without sometimes the bite of acidity that you will find at times in a Riesling. I found this wine crisp, but not too acidic where I could feel heartburn starting. I will definitely buy this wine again, and am willing to try additional Rieslings of Chateau St Michelle since this was a positive experience. I think Costco is the cheapest place to get this wine, so I hope they continue to carry it.

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