Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 198-Passito Pantelleria Ipsus 500ml -$9.99 from Trader Joe's

This wine is the second to last bottle of wine to go of the case of wine that we bought at Trader Joe's in October of this year. This wine was my better half's pick as it was a dessert wine that looked very syrupy to me. This wine tastes like a liquid raisin with some acidity on the finish that I am not sure would disappear with age. He bought this wine because the wine is made with the Moscato grape and he loves Moscato di' Asti and Muscat Cannelli, but even he feels this wine has too much raisin flavor overpowering all the other flavors in the wine. We would not buy this wine again, and overall the Trader Joes cheap wine experience was only ok, we found out of a case of wine about 2 wines that we would actually buy again.

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