Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 194-Bear's Lair Viognier for $5.99 at Trader's Joes

The writing on this label looks exactly like Stag Leap's Winery label, whose wines are extremely pricey, which makes me wonder if Bear's Lair is their cheaper label. I was pleasantly surprised with this wine. This Viognier is great fruity Viognier with very little acidity. I generally like Viognier on the nose and at first however, lots of viognier are very aciditic on the aftertaste. This wine has no bitter aftertaste, very mellow, fruit forward, and full of peaches and apricots. I would buy this wine again and would also buy this wine by the case because there is really nothing about this wine that you would not like and almost any summer party or dinner party would be well served by this wine.

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