Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 185-Pomegranate Wine by Lynfred Winery for $13.00

I had great hopes for this wine. We have tried the Pomegranate wine at Coopershawk Winery and really liked it and thought this wine would be very good also. This wine is an alternative to cranberry wine that is served at Thanksgivning to be paired with turkey, stuffing, cranberry, etc. I did not like the wine at all and neither did my better half. The wine had some legs and just a touch of pomegranate flavor. I had a very hard time tasting the pomegranate in this wine, when usually the fruit wines taste like you are drinking the fruit. This wine had just been bottled this month, so maybe there was a bit of bottle shock, I don't know, but I would not buy this wine again, unless I have tasted it and the wine has settled a bit. The in-laws thought the wine had a good flavor, but much prefered the moscato d'asti that we popped open after this wine. Maybe this wine would be better spritzed, I don't know, but I will have to buy the Cooperhawk's Pomegranate now as a comparison.

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