Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 192-2000 Ridge California Late Picked Zinfandel York Creek for $20 found at

I am obsessed with finding late harvest/late picked zinfandels. Generally speaking, they are at least $20 for a half bottle of late harvest zinfandel, so for a full bottle I always think this is just a great deal. Unfortunately, this is another bottle of wine that was only suppose to be aged 5-7 yrs and this is going on 9-10 yrs. This wine, despite being a late harvest, is not sweet at all. It is not bad wine, it is an ok red wine for maybe 10-15 dollars with some good fruit, but you can taste that this wine is past its prime. The tannins are extremely mellow with no bitter aftertaste, but the wine has no brightness of fruit and is just ok at best. The wine is 75% zinfandel and 25% petite syrah which I would think would be a killer blend, but I think that the age of the wine has taken some of the wine's distinctness away and so again I have learned a lesson to stop buying wines at

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