Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 188-2008 Vidal Blanc from Lynfred Winey for just under $20

I like this wine much more in the form of ice wine. This wine required food versus drinking it on its own. I found the wine to be too acidic on its own. The wine is a pale yellow, with a wonerful smell of lime, however the wine is just too dry for me and my better half. This wine was the white wine of the month for November at Lynfred, however this will be the last month for us, since they are not putting the premium wines in the clubs-the pear port, for example. I heard their is a blackberry port and a cherry port in the future and perhaps there will be a premium club, for now we will just stay in the fruit wine club.

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  1. Hello Sweetwines! We took your request, about the sweet wines for a club, into consideration and guess what?! Starting December 1 we will have the new Dessert & Sparkling Wine Club! Members will pay $20/month and have their choice among the ice wines (including the Cab Sauv 05 Blush), the port wines and the sparkling wines! Cheers!