Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 138-Pear Wine by Lynfred Winery for $10

This fruit wine is 100% pears. My better half does not like pears, but he likes this wine. I like pears, so I really like this wine. When I tasted this wine originally at the tasting room I found the pear flavor much more distinct than I did when I drank this wine last night. I found that the pear flavor was much more subtle. I found this to be like a white wine with just a touch of pear flavor, a very summery wine. I would definitely bring this wine to barbecues, baby showers, birthday parties, I am guessing this to a crowd favorite for the both the wine and the non-wine drinkers. I find the fruit wines to be nice introduction to wines, and I think this wine has enough fruit flavors to make it a crowd favorite.

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