Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 135-Apricot Sparkling Wine Demi Sec by Lynfred Winery for $20 with case discount

Like I wrote previously in my blog, I bought a case of the fruit wines from Lynfred since it was 25% off the last weekend of July. All the fruit sparklings were included in this special, so I bought one of each of the fruit sparkling wines. The Apricot Sparkling wine is 15% Chardonney, 15% Pinot Grigio, 10% Chenin Blanc, and 60% Apricot Wine. The winemakers assistant when describing this wine said it was more on the dry side. I did not find this at all. This wine was very fruit forward, and was heavier then your typical sparkling wine. The wine was a deep yellow/gold color that looked very similar to the color of the Apricot wine which have tried previously and liked also. I would describe this wine as basically a sparkling apricot wine. If you like the taste of apricots you will like this wine. This wine was delicious and I am huge fan of fruit sparklers. This is a great brunch wine, lunch wine, and general sipping wine in the summer. I found the fruit sparklers to be more fun than elegant, and much better alone than paired with food. The price on the Lynfred's sparklers are just too much to buy them on a more regular basis, no matter how good.

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