Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 137-Berry Sparkling Wine Doux by Lynfred Winery for $20 a bottle after discount

I know lately the blog has been dominated by the Lynfred wines, but like I reported previously the fruit wines were on sale and I bought a case. This sparkler may be my favorite sparkler yet. This wine is 40% vidal blanc, 20% raspberry wine, 20% blackberry wine, and 20% strawberry wine. This wine tastes like a sparkling raspberry/blackberry wine. If you like the raspberry and blackberry wines of Lynfred then you will love this wine. This wine would be great with chocolate, but is superb alone. This wine is similar in texture and bubbles to all the Lynfred sparklers, but I do think this one has the most fruitful flavor. This wine is not going to last long, I am just disappointed that their wines are so pricey, because if this wine was closer to $15 versus $20, I would be more likely to buy it on a regular basis.

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